Seaside Children’s Centre is a private childcare facility in the qathet region (Powell River, BC) on BC’s Sunshine Coast. While part of the Sunshine Coast Health Centre and Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic operations, Seaside Children’s Centre operates as its own separate entity with collaborations from certain SCHC/GSWC departments such as the kitchen, administration, and finance teams.

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Seaside Children’s Centre was originally formed in response to a lack of early childcare options available to staff of Sunshine Coast Health Centre and Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic during COVID-19. Our vision is to continue to provide sustainable and accessible childcare options to the SCHC/GSWC staff families and broader qathet region parent community.



Seaside Children’s Centre provides safe, respectful, and inclusive play environments that embrace children’s natural urge toward autonomy, exploration, curiosity, discovery, and learning.


A safe, nurturing, and respectful environment fostering lifelong learning through freedom and play in collaboration with families and the qathet community.




Children of all abilities and diversities have equitable access to our childcare programs and are supported in meaningful learning through play alongside peers.


A safe and respectful learning environment that where staff and children thrive while fostering positive relationships.


A shared responsibility to support one another and each child’s desire to be lifelong learners as a way to build confidence and connection.


Children are provided safe spaces and opportunities to be spontaneous, be curious, make mistakes, succeed, and be proud of their achievements.


Exceptional educational and care standards within a safe and clean age-appropriate environment supported by skilled staff members.